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Fairs in 2020 and 2021

Covid-19 shows the international trade fair calendar in a completely different light.
Some fairs offer an online alternative (eg FRUIT ATTRACTION LiveConnect).

Other fairs have been postponed to (provisionally) 2021.
The PotatoEurope 2020 in France has been canceled, the next edition PotatoEurope 2021 will be in the Netherlands on the fields of Wageningen Plant Research in Lelystad.

Interpom in Kortrijk (Belgium) will be postponed for a year to November 2021.
The Agricultural Fair in the WTC Expo Leeuwarden will now be held in December 2021.
The IHF festival in Panningen was also canceled last year.
Sima in Paris has moved the edition from 2021 to November 2022.

The Agritechnica is currently still planned for November 2021.
The EIMA parts fair in Bologna will have a digital edition in November 2020, after which the event will take place live in February 2021.

In short, the 2021 trade fair calendar is full, and will probably be adjusted.

What are the most common axialrollers for AVR potato harvesters?

What are the most common axialrollers for AVR potato harvesters?

The newest generation potato harvesters from AVR have axialrollers with a length of 825mm long. De keyhole is located at 20mm measured at the end of the roller.

Over the years AVR has used several different roller length in there axial cleaning units. In some cases they also used shorter drive axle’s. In those specific machines the key plate is positioned deeper in the tube at 170mm.

This are the dimensions of the axial rollers that AVR used until today

Spiral axial rollers (also Dahlman rollers)

Same as with most other manufacturers is AVR assembling two types of spiral rollers. A model with  a high coil (spiral) for consumptions potatoes or with a low coil for use of seed potatoes.

The low spiral roller has a spiral of 6mm (AVR item number 3113-22-30) the high spiral has a coil of 8mm (AVR item number 3113-22-10).

On request of several clients we developed a new variation axial roller with 7mm high coil with a slower coil speed. This results is a higher cleaning capacity because the rollers transport the product with a slower forward-speed. Please check this link for about described roller.

Plain axial rollers (also Dahlman rollers)

The most commonly used plain axial roller in combination with a low coil spiral roller has diameter of 82mm. (AVR item number 3113-22-40)

In wet circumstances most of the clients that harvest seed potatoes use a 75mm or 70mm plain roller in combination with a 6mm spiral roller.

For consumption potatoes most of the clients use a high spiral roller of 8mm in combination with 75mm or 70mm plain roller.

In dry circumstances this is choice between plain rubber 90mm or plain 82 or even 89mm steel roller.

Most rollers are available on stock.

If you have further questions please contact us.

Explanation of left-hand or right-hand Dahlman axial spiral rollers

Explanation of left-hand or right-hand Dahlman axial spiral rollers

Welke draairichting heeft uw spiraalrol links of rechts? Pier Tilma van Ferucom legt het uit.

De meeste machinebouwers maken gebruik van axiaalrollen met een rechtse spoed. Toch zijn er een aantal spiraalrollen die een linkse spoed hebben.

Machinebouwers zoals Ploeger en Kverneland maken o.a. gebruik van spiraalrollen met een linkse spoed.

Hoe kan ik zien of een spiraalrol een linkse of een rechtse spoed heeft?

Er zijn meerdere manieren om uit te leggen of de spiraal linksom of rechtsom draait.

Hieronder leggen we twee methodes uit:

  • Methode één, de vergelijking met een schroefdraad van een bout

Wanneer je de bout met de klok mee draait en deze dieper in de moer gaat, is het rechtse schroefdraad. Bij linkse schroefdraad komt de bout omhoog. Met spiraalrollen is dat net zo.

  • Methode twee, met de vinger op de spiraal.
  1. Kijk in de lengte over de axiaalrol heen
  2. Leg je vinger op de spoed/ spiraal van de axiaalrol
  3. Volg met je vinger de spoed van de axiaalrol naar achteren

Gaat de vinger naar links? Je rol heeft een linker spoed.

Beweegt je vinger naar rechts? Dan heeft je rol een rechter spoed.

De standaard spiraalhoogte kan wisselen voor elke machinebouwer. Wij beschikken over een ruim assortiment van axiaalrollen met meer keus dan origineel beschikbaar bij de meeste machinebouwers.

De meeste soorten axiaalrollen zijn uit voorraad leverbaar.

Heb je nog vragen , neem dan gerust contact met ons op, wij helpen graag. 

New or repaired Dahlman roller? The advantages according to Pier Tilma from Ferucom

New or repaired Dahlman roller? The advantages according to Pier Tilma from Ferucom

Suppose you want to harvest potatoes but one or more Dahlman rollers turn out to be broken-down . Is it time for a new one, or is repairing also a good option? In this article Pier from Ferucom lists the possibilities of both options.

Advantages of new:

  • Homogeneous rubber compound composition.
  • No weak adhesive layers in the roller that can come loose or wear out quickly.
  • Always good adhesion of the rubber.
  • A new rubber compound always consists of one cohesive whole.
  • Wear-resistant, vulcanized rubber compound with high impact elasticity and larger tensile strength.

Repair of a used roller is also possible, but it is important that this is done properly and professionally. We do this by stripping the axial roller, performing a core treatment and re-vulcanizing the roller. As a result, the renewed roller remains of high quality.

Benefits of repair:

  • The roller is vulcanized in one cohesive piece in a mold under pressure.
  • Perfect balance in the axial roller.
  • Completely made of new rubber with special rubber properties suitable for axial rollers.

We proceed as follows with the rollers wer receive to be repaired.

We strip the entire rollers down to the steel core.
We then treat the steel core as with new rollers.
We are making a completely new roll of vulcanized rubber.
We place the core in a mold with a weighed amount of compound rubber. The rubber vulcanizes around the shaft by means of heating and pressure on the mold.

This results in an axial roller that not only withstands surface wear but also prevents wear on the bearings in the axial box due to imbalance.

Do you have any questions or do you want to have your rollers repaired? Contact us and we would like to serve as your thinking partner.

Ferucom imports high quality carrot harvester belts

Ferucom imports high quality carrot harvester belts

In addition to our extensive range of products at Ferucom we also introduct Carrot Harvester Belts.

We have the pulling belts available for every brand including Simon, Asa lift, Dewulf and Hidagri. We choose these belts because of its robust belt desighn, longer service live and excellent adhesion strength to eliminate top profile separation which guarantees high wear resistance.

Construcional details:

  • Application-specific top-profile made of specially compounded rubber
  • Polyester cords are specially treated to provide high tensile strength and low stretch
  • Special compounded compression rubber to increase adherence without deformation
  • Rubber impregnated polyester cotton fabric for resistance to external influence

Interested in our Carrot Harvester Belts? Contact Pier Tilma, he can help you.

Ferucom introduces a repair kit for farmers

Ferucom introduces a repair kit for farmers

We have put together a repair kit especially for the farmer. It has been composed in such a way that, at the most urgent moments, you can repair the traction belt of the sieve web while maintaining full reliability.

Repairing the sieve web takes only two hours with this repair set and with it is possible to repair the traction belt on both sides. This ensures that the harvest can be resumed quickly and reliably, and the purchase of a new sieve web can be postponed until the end of the season.

The price for a repair kit is € 150 each. They can be ordered by contacting us.

Content of the repair kit:

  • One meter pitchless traction belt
  • Clips
  • Screw thread plates
  • Bolts

Repair the sieve web in three quick steps:

  • Open the clips and put them around the rods
  • Attach the traction belt  to clips
  • Tighten the screws securely

You can start harvesting again.

NB: The use of this set is temporary and does not preclude replacing the damaged sieve web with a new one.