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One of our services is the complete renewal of rubber or polyuretha parts, also called vulcanization.

The possibilities are almost limitless.

We can completely renew:

  • Dahlman or axial rollers
  • Haulm rollers and haulm retraction wheels
  • Idler
  • Complete renewal of used axial rollers
  • Completely re-covering haulm rolls, roll haulm retraction wheels.
  • Reverse rollers or rollers covered with rubber.
  • Food-safe nitrile in the colors blue, white, black, red and gray (with food grade certificate) made of FDA food quality rubbers
  • Renewal of caterpillar drive or idler wheels with groove finishing, for example.
  • Grooved rollers helical, linear, chevron, diamond.

Feel free to contact us and to discuss your requirements, we like to serve as your thinking partner.

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