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Ferucom imports high quality carrot harvester belts

In addition to our extensive range of products at Ferucom we also introduct Carrot Harvester Belts.

We have the pulling belts available for every brand including Simon, Asa lift, Dewulf and Hidagri. We choose these belts because of its robust belt desighn, longer service live and excellent adhesion strength to eliminate top profile separation which guarantees high wear resistance.

Construcional details:

  • Application-specific top-profile made of specially compounded rubber
  • Polyester cords are specially treated to provide high tensile strength and low stretch
  • Special compounded compression rubber to increase adherence without deformation
  • Rubber impregnated polyester cotton fabric for resistance to external influence

Interested in our Carrot Harvester Belts? Contact Pier Tilma, he can help you.