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Explanation of left-hand or right-hand Dahlman axial spiral rollers

Which rotation direction has your Dahlman axialroller? Clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW)?

Most machine construction companies assemble right-hand spiral rollers in their Dahlman axial roller cleaning unit. But there are some equipment manufacturers that use a left-hand spiral roller.

Machine construction companies like Ploeger, Asa-lift and Kverneland use both clockwise and counterclockwise Dahlman axial spiralrollers.

How can I determine the spiral direction of a Dahlman axialroller?

Below we explain two different methods:

  • Methods one, the comparison with the screw thread of a bolt.

When you rotate a bolt clockwise and the bolt goes deeper in the nut, it’s a right hand thread. With a left hand thread the bolt comes up. It’s the same with spiral rollers.

  • Methods two, with your finger on top of the spiral.
  1. Look over the long side of the roller
  2. Put your finger on top of the spiral
  3. Follow the spiral with your finger forwards

Does your finger move over to the left side? Your Dahlman axialroller has a left or counterclockwise spiral.

Does your finger move over to the right side? Your Dahlman axialroller has a right spiral or clockwise.

The standard pitch (spiral height) differs for all equipment manufacturers.  

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