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Sieve webs

We supply sieve webs and accessories for all brands harvesters (potato, carrot, union, beet) to the agricultural sector. In addition, we also supply sieve belts to, for example, the fishing sector and industry.

Many versions are possible with sieve webs:

  • Standard sieve webs (with various classes of steel, stainless steel or fiberglass)
  • Twin webs
  • Hedgehog webs
  • Square mesh webs

However, we can also use other materials in consultation, so that the final sieve web exactly matches your wishes.

Sieve webs can be provided with various types of coverings, flights and trap doors.

Without using rod covering, we can create spaces to a minimum of 5 mm. Using rod covering the space between the rods can be limited  to 2 mm.

Please do contact us, we would like to help you and deliver the right web in the right size.

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