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New or repaired Dahlman roller? The advantages according to Pier Tilma from Ferucom

Suppose you want to harvest potatoes but one or more Dahlman rollers turn out to be broken-down . Is it time for a new one, or is repairing also a good option? In this article Pier from Ferucom lists the possibilities of both options.

Advantages of new:

  • Homogeneous rubber compound composition.
  • No weak adhesive layers in the roller that can come loose or wear out quickly.
  • Always good adhesion of the rubber.
  • A new rubber compound always consists of one cohesive whole.
  • Wear-resistant, vulcanized rubber compound with high impact elasticity and larger tensile strength.

Repair of a used roller is also possible, but it is important that this is done properly and professionally. We do this by stripping the axial roller, performing a core treatment and re-vulcanizing the roller. As a result, the renewed roller remains of high quality.

Benefits of repair:

  • The roller is vulcanized in one cohesive piece in a mold under pressure.
  • Perfect balance in the axial roller.
  • Completely made of new rubber with special rubber properties suitable for axial rollers.

We proceed as follows with the rollers wer receive to be repaired.

We strip the entire rollers down to the steel core.
We then treat the steel core as with new rollers.
We are making a completely new roll of vulcanized rubber.
We place the core in a mold with a weighed amount of compound rubber. The rubber vulcanizes around the shaft by means of heating and pressure on the mold.

This results in an axial roller that not only withstands surface wear but also prevents wear on the bearings in the axial box due to imbalance.

Do you have any questions or do you want to have your rollers repaired? Contact us and we would like to serve as your thinking partner.