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Ferucom introduces a repair kit for farmers

We have put together a repair kit especially for the farmer. It has been composed in such a way that, at the most urgent moments, you can repair the traction belt of the sieve web while maintaining full reliability.

Repairing the sieve web takes only two hours with this repair set and with it is possible to repair the traction belt on both sides. This ensures that the harvest can be resumed quickly and reliably, and the purchase of a new sieve web can be postponed until the end of the season.

The price for a repair kit is € 150 each. They can be ordered by contacting us.

Content of the repair kit:

  • One meter pitchless traction belt
  • Clips
  • Screw thread plates
  • Bolts

Repair the sieve web in three quick steps:

  • Open the clips and put them around the rods
  • Attach the traction belt  to clips
  • Tighten the screws securely

You can start harvesting again.

NB: The use of this set is temporary and does not preclude replacing the damaged sieve web with a new one.