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What are the most common axialrollers for AVR potato harvesters?

The newest generation potato harvesters from AVR have axialrollers with a length of 825mm long. De keyhole is located at 20mm measured at the end of the roller.

Over the years AVR has used several different roller length in there axial cleaning units. In some cases they also used shorter drive axle’s. In those specific machines the key plate is positioned deeper in the tube at 170mm.

This are the dimensions of the axial rollers that AVR used until today

Spiral axial rollers (also Dahlman rollers)

Same as with most other manufacturers is AVR assembling two types of spiral rollers. A model with  a high coil (spiral) for consumptions potatoes or with a low coil for use of seed potatoes.

The low spiral roller has a spiral of 6mm (AVR item number 3113-22-30) the high spiral has a coil of 8mm (AVR item number 3113-22-10).

On request of several clients we developed a new variation axial roller with 7mm high coil with a slower coil speed. This results is a higher cleaning capacity because the rollers transport the product with a slower forward-speed. Please check this link for about described roller.

Plain axial rollers (also Dahlman rollers)

The most commonly used plain axial roller in combination with a low coil spiral roller has diameter of 82mm. (AVR item number 3113-22-40)

In wet circumstances most of the clients that harvest seed potatoes use a 75mm or 70mm plain roller in combination with a 6mm spiral roller.

For consumption potatoes most of the clients use a high spiral roller of 8mm in combination with 75mm or 70mm plain roller.

In dry circumstances this is choice between plain rubber 90mm or plain 82 or even 89mm steel roller.

Most rollers are available on stock.

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