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Spiral rollers

We produce various polyurethane spiral rollers. The spiral rollers we produce are produced by us in a casting mold. The advantage of our PU spiral rollers is the wear resistance in combination with a high elasticity.

Compared to other (yellow) PU spiral rollers from renowned machine builders, our PU roller has a longer life. A number of models of PU rollers are one-to-one replaceable for the rollers of, b.e., Grimme cleaning units for receiving hopper.

The working widths that we have in stock are:

  • 1200 mm         replaces Grimme OEM: 088.01226 & 088.01117
  • 1600 mm         replaces Grimme OEM: 088.01026 & 088.01210
  • 1800 mm         
  • 2000 mm         replaces Grimme OEM: 088.01027 & 088.01209
  • 2400 mm         replaces Grimme OEM: 088.01028 & 088.01208
  • 2800 mm 

In addition to complete rollers with an axle, we also produce separate PU coils.

The coils are available with square drive 35 mm or 40 mm and are available with interlocking ends  to make a continual coil or flat on both sides.

All our PU coils are in stock.

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