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PU spiral roller – 1200×105 mm

SKU: 31010

  • To fit: Grimme
  • OEM number: 088.01226 & 088.01117
  • Wear resistant with high impact elasticity
  • High quality PU
  • Durable and crop friendly finished roller

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PU spiral roller – 1200×105 mm

SKU: 31010 Category:


  • Wear resistant with high impact elasticity
  • High quality PU
  • Durable and crop friendly finished roller

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Product information

Interested in buying a PU spiral roller? This spiral roller is made of high-quality and durable polyurethane and is suitable for cleaning systems such as Grimme receiving hoppers.

The sorting/cleaning rollers are often used on Grimme receiving hoppers. (RH12, RH16, RH20, RH24 and RH28)

The standard diameter of the polyurethane spiral rollers for the Grimme receiving hopper is 105mm, the core is not made from a square shaft but from a round tube. This makes the roller much more stable at high rotational speed, frequently used at Grimme Turbo Clean, Dewulf Easy-Clean, Miedema Clean-Boost or AVR Speedclean options.

The PU spiral rollers are made in a hardness around 65-70 Shore. Almost all producers of receiving hoppers and sorting units use this hardness.

Cleaning of the PU spiral rollers is done by centrifugal force in all different soil conditions.

The soft, wear-resistant Polyurethane (PU) spiral rollers achieve the most crop friendly and effective separation or cleaning. In addition, pinched stones and rolled up foliage are avoided.

The PU spiral rollers are very crop friendly, reliable and have a long service life.

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Rotational Direction

L/H and R/H clock and anticlockwise

Length (mm)


Core diameter (mm)


Outer diameter (mm)



PU – polyurethane